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The Trustees would like to express their thanks to all the Village Residents who attended the open day and exhibition at the Parish Hall on 21st July, despite the appalling weather.
The event was very well attended and the response from residents was enthusiastic and provided plenty of new ideas for the final design and future use of the new community facility.

The Trustees have fully considered the various views raised at the open day and the written responses received and have decided to revise the design to incorporate the following improvements:

  • Provision of a larger kitchen with direct access to the hall through a wider servery counter.
  • Provision of baby changing facilities in larger unisex disability access toilet.
  • Increase in length of hall to 15M to maximise the variety of sporting activities that can be accommodated, including soft ball tennis.
  • Provision of a stairway from the entrance lobby to give access to the large loft space above the entrance foyer / kitchen and wc facilities area.
  • Use of loft space to provide a first floor function room (approx 5.7M x 5.6M) with rooflight glazing.
  • Provision of viewing gallery with glazed screen in first floor function room to overlook main hall.
  • In addition to the changes to the building the Project Architects have been instructed to investigate the possibility of lowering the carpark area to provide level access to both the new hall and the church.
  • This will not only allow the area to be redesigned to maximise parking provision but will also enable the area to be utilised as a multi-functional space within the village for special events.
  • It also provides the opportunity to consider the widening of the narrow footpath along the carpark frontage to provide a better and safer access to the new hall, church and bus stop.When the revised design is completed we hope to be in a position to proceed to the next stage of the project, which is the submission of a Full Planning Application for the proposals.

Original Architects Proposals shown at the Open Day

Original architects layout

Original architects layout

Revised Proposals from the Open Day Feedback

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