January 2018 Updates

The Bishops Hull Hub project continues to make progress, thanks to the dedicated team of volunteers behind the project. The final plans and drawings have now been submitted to the Architects and we will be anticipating a response from planning in the early spring. The final modifications of the design have been adjusted, responding to the feedback received from the community, to create a more user friendly space, with large serving hatch into the main hall and foyer to create a social space that is welcoming. In order to meet the new specification, the build cost will have increased. The exact figure is in the process of being calculated and we will let you know once it has been established. It is anticipated the full market rate will be in the region of £550,000. Whilst this may initially seem a daunting figure we are taking a three pronged approach.

Firstly, we would like to utilise the resources within the village who are prepared to offer their services at cost or indeed some are offering free of charge. This means we could target the actual build cost with the help of the community at a figure closer to £400,000, saving us in the region of £150,000. This will need a commitment from many in the community but what an opportunity to contribute to the future of the village! We currently have £201,000 allocated to the project which is a combination of personal contributions from church members, personal initiatives (silent auction, afternoon tea party, sale of home made jams and a security marking event at the church hall), plus the Section 106 funds available from Persimmon Homes in respect of the Kingslake Development.

This leaves us with a fund raising target of approximately £200,000. To achieve this the team are breaking activities into two initiatives, local community fund raising events and applications for grants. The first local event we are planning to host is an open garden at Milligan to showcase the work completed so far, including the detailed plans, and create a social event with music, refreshments, craft stalls and more. Stay posted for more information about this on our website, facebook and village communication. We are welcoming any volunteers from the village (or beyond) to help us with these events we plan to host this year as local knowledge, contacts and enthusiasm is crucial for us to succeed. If you feel you might be interested or would be happy to help in some way please contact us via the details below. Our thanks go out to individuals who have contributed already with fundraising.
As part of our second initiative, we are in the process of applying for grants from a range of institutions. One company we are applying to is EDF who are constructing Hinkley Point C and we are hoping to secure a grant from their Community Cohesion Fund. As such, we need to demonstrate that Hinkley Point C construction and ongoing work will or does impact our village in some way. This can cover a range of impacts such as people commuting from Bishops Hull, either from a temporary base or a permanent home. If you know of anyone or are indeed one of those people, who has contacts with EDF, Hinkley point C and would be willing to give us any information regarding this please do get in contact. Other suggestions such as how a community hub could help new residents integrate into the community would strengthen our application and be more likely to secure funding.

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Hi, I’m friends with leanne from a baby group last year. I’d like to volunteer to help with this as we moved to the area recently and would love to see the hub built. Perhaps I can attend the next meeting?

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