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Bishops Hull Hub Update September 2019

Bishops Hull Hub Update September 2019

Progress on new Planning Application

  • Planning Application submitted on 9th August, with decision date scheduled for 7th October. Ref 05/19/0033. No objections received to date.
  • The application has been made in the name of Bishops Hull Parish Council with the Bishops Hull Hub acting as Agents.

Progress on construction Drawings / Specification / Tender

  • The Architects have been appointed to revise the construction drawings and specification, in order to submit a Building Regulations application and to obtain a revised tender from the lowest previous tenderer, R&J Sweet.
  • The lottery has confirmed that a revised tender will be acceptable for the new site provided it is not  significantly different to the original tender figure. If the cost is significantly higher then they will require two additional tenders for comparison.

Bishops Hull Hub and Trust Sub-Group Update on Lease

  • SW&TC intend to prepare a new 99 year head lease between the Village Hall and playing Field Trust and the Council which will include the provision of a sub lease between the VH&PFT and Bishops Hull Hub to enable the new Hub to be constructed and managed by the BH Hub Trust, with the sub lease generally having the same conditions as the new head lease, except the sub lease has to be for 3 years less, ie 97 years. Both leases will be for a peppercorn rent if requested.
  • The Council’s Solicitor will draw up the draft head Lease and send it to the VH&PFT, and to the Hub’s Solicitor, Nick Francombe, so that he can comment on the lease and  draw up the sub lease accordingly.
  • SW&TC will require the BH Hub to meet the Council’s legal costs up to a maximum of £1500 and we will also have to meet the legal costs of our Solicitor. Our Solicitor will also be required to register both the head lease and the sub-lease at the land registry and to close and remove the surrendered lease form the council’s title (number ST287660).
  • The Lottery fund legal team have confirmed they are willing to accept the sub lease, in respect of our application, if successful, but will obviously need to see the sub lease details in draft form before they can give a clear go ahead.

Construction Costs

  • The lowest tender figure received for the previous scheme from R&J Sweet has been taken as the base figure for the new proposals, approx. £420,000, including a 5% contingency. It is intended to negotiate a revised figure to include the following revisions:
  1. Revisions to materials to match existing adjoining buildings, Brick walls and profiled concrete tiles to roof.
  2. Provision of a10Kw array of photo-voltaic panels on the southern roof slope.
  3. New foundation details and diversion of existing sewer crossing site.
  4. New siteworks details including provision of new footpath from Bishops hull Hill to the Hub building, paved area and retaining walls adjoining building and relocation of cricket nets.
  • The proposed new fenced parking area has been separated from the building construction costs as this is on SCC owned land and will be subject to separate grant funding with applications to be made jointly by the BH Hub and the VH&PF Trust
  • The revised costs cannot be determined until the revised construction drawings and specification have been completed, scheduled to commence when the planning application has been submitted. To be completed prior to receipt of planning approval.
  • The base figure of £420,000 does not include any additional savings that we may be able to make on materials from local suppliers or allow for any voluntary labour during the construction, which cannot be determined until our Contractor has been appointed.
  • The Lottery have confirmed that they will accept a renegotiated tender figure without going to tender again, as long as the figure is not significantly different from the original lowest tender figure. If it is significantly higher then we will be required to obtain two additional tenders.

    Construction Funding and Grant Applications

  • Currently the Hub has secured £273,000 from Section 106 and CIL funds, which is sufficient to construct the external building shell.
  • The Hub currently has the following applications in progress:
  1. National Lottery reaching communities fund – £75,000. In final stages and scheduled
    to be considered by lottery panel on 3rd October, after which we will have a decision,
    which will be subject to confirmation of planning approval and submission of the final
    technical details and project cost.
  2. Bishop Foxes Educational Foundation -£30,000. A presentation of the revised
    proposals by the Hub to be made to the foundation panel on 16th September 2019.
    Report to follow.
  3. Garfield Weston Fund. – £20,000. Revised application by Community Council for Somerset (CCS), has to be submitted with planning approval, after 7/10.
  4. Bernard Sunley Fund – £15,000. Currently being prepared by CCS, has to be submitted with planning approval, after 7/10.
  5. Gannett Foundation – £7,500. Application to be submitted with planning approval
    after 7/10. Last date for submission 18/10/2019
  6. Elm grant Trust – £5,000 – Application by CCS pending
  7. Adrian Swire charitable Trust – £10,000 – application by CCS pending
  • We are also investigating possible grants for renewable energy with SW&TC and through CCS with the rural Community Energy Fund. Awaiting information.

Professional Fees

  • The Parish Council’s contribution towards the cost of professional fees has ensured that all costs are now covered for the submission of the new planning application, the revision of the construction drawings / specification, the negotiation of the revised construction cost and the provision of a new lease for the playing field site, allowing a start to be made on site when all matters are resolved.
  • Our fee schedule has been revised to update estimated fees where confirmed and to include an allowance for the preparation of the more complex head lease and sub lease arrangements. See attached revised schedule. Fees remain within our cost allowance.


  • To counter any shortfall in grant funding for the construction, we continue to run the Hub Café and hold fundraising events and to seek to donations to finance the Hub project. Recent fundraising events include a family quiz and the apple day scheduled for October.
  • Our continuing “Buy a Brick” initiative is gaining momentum and we would like to thank everyone who has contributed, however, we envisage that the start of work on site will encourage further donations to the scheme. Our total for bricks purchased / promised is currently £2,000.
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