Open Day

Open Day

We are holding an Public Open Day on 21st July 2017 in the existing village hall to show case the current plans and proposals. Most importantly this day is to obtain your feedback and opinions on the use and operation of the community facility.


What is the Hall About?

  • After 30 years use as a temporary building the Church Hall, adjoining St Peter and St Paul Church in Bishops Hull, is coming to the end of its useful life and will have to close and be removed by the end of 2017.
  • It is proposed that a new Bishops Hull Hall should be built on the site of the current church hall to provide a modern building for the benefit of all the residents in the village.
  • The Church, which owns the site, has agreed to grant a lease for the land to a new charitable trust, (the Bishops Hull Hall Trust), which will take responsibility for the construction of the new hall and its future management and maintenance.
  • The building project is to be largely funded by a sum of money provided by the Kinglake Housing Development (Persimmon Homes), as part of their Planning Obligations. This fund may only be used for the construction work and therefore additional funds will have to be raised by the new Trust for all other work associated with site clearance, production of plans, obtaining planning approval and meeting any shortfall between funds available and total building cost.
  • An initial group of Trustees has been formed to take the project forward and preliminary sketch proposals have been prepared for the new hall as shown on the following exhibition boards.
  • The project has now reached the stage where the Trustees would welcome the input and support of the Village Residents to finalise the proposals and take them to the next stage. This can come in the form of support for fundraising, and donations are most welcome, as well as voluntary support with specialist knowledge or construction skills or a desire to be involved with the new Trust.
  • It is just as important to hear from any potential user of the new hall to understand the potential demand and range of uses that residents would like to see accommodated in the building, which is essential to ensure that the new hall is as adaptable as possible for the village community.
  • A range of the possible uses that the sketch proposals could accommodate is set out after the sketch proposals.
  • Forms for comments on the proposals and for anyone interested in becoming involved in the project, who wish to register their interest, are available at the end of the exhibition and the current Trustees are available to answer any questions.
  • We are also looking for “your suggestions” on what to name the New Hall, rather than simply Bishops Hull Hall, so get your thinking caps on!

The Current Design Proposal

How You Will Benefit From The Hall?

Interested in any of the following activities, or have your own ideas?

Current Regular Users of the Church Hall, including:


[column md=”6″]

Tai Chi Classes (Age UK)

Tai Chi Classes (all age groups)

Karate Classes (children and Adults)

The Bishops Hull Women’s Institute

Board Games Afternoons for Seniors

Yoga Classes

Golden Group Keep Fit


[column md=”6″]

Church Activities

Baptism parties / wakes                            

Pilates Classes

Children’s Parties  

Birthday Parties

Anniversary Celebration        

The Tone Guitar Group          



Possible Future Activities                  


[column md=”6″]                        

Clubs and Societies

Short Mat Bowls



Meetings / Conferences

Aerobics / Keep Fit for All Ages

Dance Classes

Martial Arts

Drama Groups

Film Clubs   

Wedding Receptions


[column md=”6″]

Table Tennis

Private Functions


Free Wifi Access

Computer Classes                                           

Luncheon Clubs

Craft Shows / Classes

Whist Drives

Flower Arranging / Shows





How will we achieve this?

  • The Architectural Practice who completed the sketch proposals will be appointed as Principle Designers and Project Managers to complete the final design and manage the Building Contract.
  • The Trustees also envisage that this will be a Community Project that will encourage and utilise any local voluntary skilled services that may be available as part of the construction programme.
  • In particular the Trustees have secured the services of the Local Building Contractors R&J Sweet Building Services Ltd who are prepared to act as the Principle Contractor for the project on a non-profit, “at cost” basis and who are also prepared to appoint and supervise any voluntary and appropriately skilled sub-contract labour that they approve and can integrate into their building programme.
  • To ensure “value for money” it is proposed that the Principle Contractor will provide an initial cost estimate at detailed design stage, (submission of full planning application) for scrutiny by the Project Manager.
  • Also the provision of a detailed “open book” project cost on completion of all production information, (detailed construction drawings and specification), for further scrutiny by the Project Manager, which will form the basis of the Contract Sum.
  • It is intended to appoint the Principle Contractor under a standard form of building contract to be administered by the Project Manager with the contract period to be determined by the Principle Contractor to allow for any specified voluntary contribution incorporated in the Contractor’s Building Programme.

What Happens Next?


  • All comments on the proposals are submitted before Friday 4th August, (2 weeks Time). Anyone wishing to volunteer their time to assist also submit contact details before this date. Although volunteers at any future date will always be welcome.
  • Completion of final design taking into account comments received and submission of Planning Application – October 2017 to achieve Approval in December 2017
  • Initial project cost estimate and scrutiny of costs.-  November 2017
  • Removal of existing Church Hall – December 2017
  • Completion of production Information, including construction drawings and specification – February / March 2018
  • Provision of detailed project costs and scrutiny of overall costs to establish “value for money” – March 2018
  • Subject to approval of project cost and funding, appointment of Principle Contractor under Standard Form of Building Contract. April 2018
  • Contract Period to be determined, estimated as 12 months, with expected completion date of April 2019.