Bouncy Castle Guidance

The Hub is fantastic for parties, especially kids parties, and we know kids LOVE bouncy castles!

However, it is important that bouncy castles are hired and used safely.

Requirements on bouncy castle use:

  • – The hirer must provide insurance needed for the erecting and use of the bouncy castle. Bishops Hull Hub can not insure the use of bouncy castles
  • – Suitable floor protection must be provided to ensure that our floor is not damaged.
  • – Assume no access can be gained to the field and the provider must be able to transport the equipment from the car park
  • – Recommended maximum size of 12ft x 12ft – Under no circumstances must the castle touch the roof or within touching distance of the projector, allowing for any movement whilst the bouncy castle is in use. Failure to meet this requirement will mean the hirer will be responsible for any maintenance or repair costs.

There are some great local companies that you can hire bouncy castles from, two we would recommend are linked below.

JS Inflatables

JS Inflatables

Something like this is great, quick to inflate, safe size, great for kids and toddlers and also still allows plenty of space for other toys and tables.